1. How to place an order?

Into the cart and then select the product, color and number on this website, please enter the information you want salt.

2.How do Payments?

After order Products, payment by credit card or bank transfer please make payment. Made after confirmation of payment, and will be shipped.

3.If you had the wrong product is?

Very sorry. Please in the prepaid products. Soon we will send the new product. Had we will pay the return shipping!.

4.How could pay the return shipping?

Announces new total amount minus return shipping, so please pay that amount.

5.How do returned goods are different from the image or you want to replace?

Your involuntary return or Exchange if the replacement shipping, return shipping charges will paid by the customer. The product via prepaid.

6.If I order a lot Products, I will Get Descounts?

Does not change the amount sorry, bulk orders are orders more than 20000 yen for free shipping.

7.When ordered ago different texture of leather, or have small scratches.

Leather is natural, so different before and feel the inevitable small scratches. Enjoy one of the taste of natural leather.

8.The product doesn't arrive soon.

In our small produce by hand every single product just takes time. If please contact us if you do not receive more than 1 month old.

9.Products Keep Quality many years?

Varies greatly depending on the use environment and usage with a vinyl cover 2-3 years, with a leather cover 6-8 years your offers.

10.I want create custom cover.

Sorry, we do not accept now basically is a custom made cover production. If there are cases that can be accepted is price, delivery will take if you wish. Please contact us.

About us

We are making and selling Leather book Cover and bags.

Also we selling Synthetic leather Covers and transparent plastic covers.

Our prices are all inclusive of tax.

Shipped orders are accepted 24 hours Internet contact, email replies is the business hours (Monday-Friday 9:00 - 17:00) only supports.