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Contact Card Holder  you always want to carry. But if it breaks or is dirty it can not be used when necessary. I also have to search in the bag because it is small. I made a special holder to prevent it. It is also advisable to always keep it in the entrance of the house or inside the car with holding several pieces. Million of synthetic leather considering lightness and durability as a material. There are pockets on the left and right and you can store cards and villas separately. Pocket for taking out immediately in front, pocket for keeping stock in the back. The size is 14 cm in length and 10.5 cm in width. Please choose from three colors of cream yellow, icegrin, and mauve.

Cleam yellow


Ice green

Good Organizer

You can Choose from 3 colors

Good size

Contact card holer mic ¥540(tax Included)

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