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Magazine Holder
This material is polypropylene. You can classify it by putting a magazine between 8 partitions. A magazine, brochure, kingdom ministry, a lean size that can fit perfectly unfolded brochures. It was easy to classify magazines by pinching them in a partition with three sides opened instead of pockets, and designed to be easy to take out. In the middle is a stopper for fall prevention. The holder body is made to close with a rubber band. The color is smoke gray and sky blue Marin Blue and Red. In the case of Size Vertical 258 mm Width 193 mm Thickness 13 mm If you put a brochure in a part with no partitions in the middle, it will be easier to fall if you do not close it. Please be careful.

Clearly stored

Easy-to-break invited papers are also beautiful.

It protects all publications.


The stopper prevents the journal from popping out.

You can sort the magazines into four partitions on the left and right.

magazine and tracts are keep clearly

image 1

smoke Gray

Sky blue


marin blue

magazine Holder MH ¥1,200(tax Included)

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